NQT Manager Admin Manual

  1. What is a School Administrator?
  2. How to Login to NQT Manager
  3. How to Retrieve a Username or Password
  4. Creating a new Tutor
  5. Register an NQT

What is a School Administrator?

A School Administrator can Register Tutors and NQTs at your school.
School Administrator Access Privileges

  • Add NQTs.
  • Add Tutors.

How to Login to NQT Manager

You will need to login to NQT Manager with your unique username and password in order to use the system.

Please Note: You should never login using a password belonging to another member of staff. This is against the terms and conditions of using nqtmanager.com. If you require access to NQT Manager please ask an existing Tutor, Induction Coordinator, or Head Teacher to add you to the system as a Tutor.

Entering a Username and Password

To return to the login page from any NQT Manager page you can click on the Login link from the top right corner of the screen. If this link is not available and your see Log Out instead this means that you are already logged in.

From the Login Page you will need to:

  1. Enter your username and password.
    1. You can use the Show Password checkbox to see what you are entering for your password.
    2. Enter the username and password exactly as you received them.
  2. Click on Log-in to be taken to your dashboard. If you cannot login to NQT Manager please see How to Retrieve a Username or Password.

How to Retrieve a Username or Password

The password recovery page can be used for retrieving login details for all users at your school.

Accessing the Password Recovery Page

The link to the password recovery page is below the Login Details box on the Login page.

  1. Click on the Can’t access your account link.
  2. This will give you three different methods to retrieve your login details. You only need to enter one to and click the accompanying continue button.
  3. If you do not have any security questions assigned to your account we will send you a password reset link.
  4. If you do have security questions assigned to your account you can fill them out and reset your username and password with out receiving an email
  5.  If you can't remember your security questions; click the red button to have your't login details sent to you.

Please Note: Emails are not always instant and can take over 10 minutes to arrive depending on your mail server.

What to do if the Email Does Not Arrive

If you do not receive the email after 20 minutes please try the following:

  1. Please make sure that you are checking the correct email address.
  2. Check your junk email box.
  3. Contact your IT Manager or the person that manages your email server. All emails that are sent from NQT Manager arrive from the email address NoReply@nqtmanager.com. Your email server may be blocking email arriving from this address.
  4. Another Induction Coordinator or Head Teacher can login to view the username or change the password for any Tutor or NQT. To do this they will need to login and go to the list of NQTs or Tutors and select the relevant user. From the user details page they will see the username and be able to change the password.
  5. If you are still having trouble retrieving the login details you can add a new helpdesk post or contact the technical support number at the top of the screen.

Creating a new Tutor

  1. Login to NQT Manager.
  2. From the top grey menu click on Tutors.
  3. Click on the Create a new Tutor link.

You will need to:

  1. Complete all of the required information.
    1. Ensure that the email address is entered correctly. NQT Manager will use this email address to inform of important information such as when assessments are due.
    2. Choose a password that is not easy to guess

Please Note: Received Training is not for training on the NQT Manager system. This is for the training received from the Awarding Body for monitoring NQT induction.

  1. Click Save Details.

 An email will be sent to the Tutor’s email address with the username and password.

Register an NQT

  1. From the top grey menu move your mouse pointer over NQTs. A drop down menu will appear.
  2. Select Register NQT

Teaching Agency Registration Information

  1. Complete all of the required information.

Please Note:

  1. You cannot register an NQT that does not have a Teacher Reference Number. Contact your Awarding Body if you do not know what this is.
  2. The Last Name and Date of Birth must exactly match what is registered with the Teaching Agency.
  3. Click on Save and Continue.

Contract Details

  1. Complete all of the required information.
    1. To select multiple years to teach hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard and click on each year.

Please Note: It is important that you select the correct days per week as this will be used when generating assessments.

  1. Select an existing Tutor from the drop down list or click Add New Tutor.
  2. Click Next Step.

Training Details

  1. Complete all required information.
    1. If the teacher training institute is not available select Other.
    2. To select multiple qualified subjects hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard and click on each subject.
  2. Click Next Step.

Home Address

  1. Complete all required information.
  2. Click Next Step.

Confirm Registration Details

  1. Complete all required information.
  2. Click Next Step
  3. Check that the NQT’s details are correct.
  4. Click Click here to Complete Registration.
  5. Digitally sign the registration form.