Completing an Assessment

  1. Go to the Overview page for the NQT. (See View a NQT's Details.)
  2. Select Complete next to the relevant assessment from the list.

This Term's Contract Details

  1. Complete the information for This Term's Details.
  2. Click Next.

Select Assessment Type

The first time that you visit the assessment page you will be asked to select which assessment type to use. If you do not know which to select contact your Awarding Body.

  1. Select the correct assessment type.

Please Note: You cannot change the assessment type once selected. Please ensure that you select the correct assessment type.

  1. Click Save Details.

Enter the Assessment Details

  1. Complete all fields on the assessment page.
  2. Click Next.

Additional Information

If your Awarding Body would like you to complete extra information you will be shown a page with the additional questions.

  1. Complete all required information.
  2. Click Next.

Next Term's Contract Details

  1. Complete the contract details for next term.
  2. Once you are happy that the assessment is 100% correct select the checkbox This assessment is submitted and ready to be digitally signed.
  3. Click Next.

Add your Digital Signature to the Assessment

  1. See the section Digitally Signing an Assessment.

NQT and Head Teacher Signatures

  1. Ask your Head Teacher and NQT to login using their username and password to digitally sign the assessment.